A short post about the Birthday Girl (aka my amaz-ballz seeester!)


So today is a very important day. Today, March 12th, marks the day of my sister’s Birthday!! Susie, or Shrew as I have cleverly knick-named her, is definitely my favorite sister (though she’s also my only sister so I don’t know if that still counts.) Needless to say, she is a sister that is always there for me, and does sisterly things for me and with me.

I can always depend on her to watch a chick flick with me so we can pretend that the ugly fat pale girl actually DOES end up with the hot popular man with great hair who is actually sensitive and driven despite first impressions of douche-y-ness and a lack of hopes and dreams. (if only life was so easy…)

She is also always there for advice (even if I don’t always ask for it.) But it’s her job. It’s her duty (haha I said duty…) and who am I to stand in the way of some older-sister words of wisdom? Boy advice is always given, usually late at night #pillowtalk. She also likes to tell me what not to wear, which at first is offensive, but in the end helpful, as I know she is only trying to make sure I don’t go into public looking like the michelin man.


Though her brutal honesty makes me want to five-star her in the back sometimes (flash back to that time we got in a fight at Olympia Sports) in the end, “we all fruit”-My Big Fat Greek Wedding. No but seriously, in the end, I know she nags me Jewish-mother-style (not gangnam style) because she cares, and I am actually weirdly thankful for that.

So Susie, Shrewsannah, the apple of my eye; you are beautiful, smart, stubborn, and wise, and I hope you enjoy this Birthday, and many more, because you’re kind of really awesome. ❤ #sisterlylove #birthday #onceayear  #dontgetusedtoit


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