Douchebag Follow-up: A Short Post

douchebags everywhere

After receiving some mixed reviews of my latest blog post, 5 Signs He’s a D-Bag, I just wanted to address a few things. Some people think that I was targeting a certain group of people. This is not true, so don’t flatter yourself. While writing the piece I had about 20 people in mind, and some go to my college, and some go to different colleges (yes, I do actually know people outside of this bubble of a school.) The reason this is important to note is because it is clear that this douchebag problem is so ubiquitous. They’re everywhere, at all schools, and in all groups and organizations. HOWEVER, it is also important to note that if you did feel targeted, that means you know people that are guilty of doing these douche-y things, or you are guilty of these douche-y things yourself. And so, I have achieved my goal of raising awareness to the problem.

It is interesting because I received mixed reviews from guys, some telling me it was “great” and “hilarious,” and others telling me “It makes you look like an idiot.” Well, I decided this article was necessary to write, as I am writing on behalf of all of my friends and speaking for them. #GirlPower Every girl that came up to me after reading the article thanked me for writing it and told me I was spot on, and that truer words have never been spoken. So guys, don’t go all Cleopatra on me (queen of denial) because some of you ARE guilty of being vag wipes.

That said, I can say that there are PLENTY of girls who suck ASS, and I will be addressing this issue in my next blog post, so guys, get ready, and girls, sorry in advance.

Deuces Bitches!


One thought on “Douchebag Follow-up: A Short Post

  1. I just wanted to prove that marketing your blog on Tinder was a great idea. I own an internet marketing business and I thought it was epic legendary that you put your wordpress on tinder. My name is Brandon Blackburn. You can just google my name and I am the first link listed. We wont be a match on tinder cause im 27 and I typically dont.swipe right for 19yo but keep up.the good work.on the blog 🙂 take it easy Leah

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