HAPPY LOVE DAY: The Mushiest Post I Will Ever Write


OK. So I have an announcement for all those depressed singletons out there who hate on V-day. Today is not a day for couples. Like, what? Could the court reporter please restate that last statement?

Yes. Today is not a day for couples.


Sure, Valentines Day is a day where girlfriends expect their boyfriends to take them to lavish dinners and scatter rose petals all over the bedroom and buy them giant teddy bears and expensive chocolates. Now I’m not going to lie. All of that is super cuticle. No girl would hate it (even the one’s that aren’t into mushy things.) But for me, I never viewed today as that stereotypical Hallmark holiday.


I want to revolutionize what February 14th really means. Am I being dramatic? Who the fuck cares. I’m thinkin big! I’m fuckin’ WILD!

Anyway. Today is a day to reflect on love. HAPPY LOVE REFLECTION DAY!

Think about your significant other and how much you love him or her, and how much she or he loves you.

But also think about all the other loves of your life.

Think about your mom and dad and how much love they have for you. Think about the little things they told you like, “I love you more than yesterday, but less than tomorrow,’ and the “kissy attacks” and raspberries you received from the rents when you were little.

Think about the love between you and your siblings. Reflect on those times when you literally wanted to rip each other’s throats out during those long-ass car rides but then 10 minutes later you were all laughing again, as if nothing happened, because love can do that. Love allows you to look past the little things, resolve conflicts in life, and forgive and forget so you can move on to the good stuff.


Think about your best friends and how much they mean to you. Think about those times you were up till 6 in the morning, literally (like literally, not figuratively but seriously) peeing your pants from laughing so much (and drinking too much?). Think about that time your friend constantly nagged you and forced you to do your schoolwork because she or he knew your grades were slipping, and wanted the best for you. Or that time when your friend came to your bad choir concert on a Friday night, just because she knew how much it would mean to you. These gestures are pure love, and today is the day to remember that.


But today is also the day to remember those people out there who don’t have a lot of love in their lives. I am extremely blessed. It seems like everywhere I turn in my life, there is someone who loves me and takes care of me. I used to think it was because I loved them all back.

But there are people out there that give so much love and get nothing in return. There are those sons and daughters out there that have never been hugged by a parent, or told how much they are loved.


There are people out there that don’t have close friends. They have their work friends or school friends, but they would never hang out in other settings, and they sure as hell would never call them if they needed a snuggle sesh.

There are those men and women who are 80 years old who have hearts full of love and no one to give it to, because just out of bad luck, they never stumbled upon the right match.

My heart goes out to those who are missing love in their lives, because love is a beautiful, wonderful, magical thing. It is more powerful than medicine and more valuable than gold. Fuck, if love were a public company, I’d buy 1 million shares, because that stock would sky rocket straight through heaven every fuckin day.

So I strongly urge you to take today and reflect on the love that you do have and how lucky you are. Sure, you can spend today sulking and drinking a bottle of wine by yourself and eating boxes of chocolate you purchased for yourself, or get together with a group of your girlfriends and complain and bitch about how there are no men out there and how lonely you are. Or you can just remember all the love that you DO have in your life and celebrate love and all that it means to you.


So really, please, I mean this with the utmost sincerity, have a happy Valentine’s Day!



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