About Moi (I don’t speak French…)

Tell me what you think about my blog, I'm all ears!
Tell me what you think about my blog, I’m all ears!

Yo! It’s Leah here. I’m just your typical weirdo college student with opinions that matter, and a sense of humor that’s most likely better than yours. Through my killer writing skills and observations in life, I want to use my blog to empower women and promote gender equality, because women are awesome (trust me, I know from experience!)

White Jewish girl from CT suburbs, and I still got the swagger of a champion #ImSoHood If I could memorize formulas as well as I memorize movie quotes, I would be a math genius. I have been writing since I could spell (so not for that long I guess…) Some of my hobbies include people watching, dancing crazy, wearing mouse ears, watching Youtube videos, and singing in public places to see if people will give me quarters (Ugh, they never do.) If I could be anyone, it would be Beyonce, but I’m pretty content with being me, since, well, I’m #TheCoolestGirlEver. I shorten words like its my job, though phrases like “Rom Com” or “Ho Cho” make me wanna vom.com. Anyway, read my articles, cause I’m friggin hilarious. Just make sure that when you’re laughing, you don’t pee in your pants (am I right ladies?!)

well you know what they say… “Lint is a shell’s best friend.”

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7 thoughts on “About Moi (I don’t speak French…)

  1. Hey saw your thing on tinder and thought I would give it a look and I was pretty inspired by some of the things you wrote you seem like a really chill down to earth girl just thought I would let you know

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